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Where am I?

We provide some useful and profitable features for Traders.

For example - sound notification about your orders on exchanges, price alerts and panic button. Bigger trade history on liqui (>30) and depth.

Showing aggregated totals and orders from many exchanges you trade - in one place

In order to do this you need to provide an API key from exchange

Is it secure?

As long as you DO not enter KEY with withdrawal or trade privilege, you are 100% safe.

What is KEY privilege (permission)?

On every crypto exchange while issuing an API key - you select privilege.

We only need INFO privilege, which allows our service to go and grab INFO of your balance and active orders opened.

INFO privilege DOES NOT give us any kind of control over your account on crypto exchange.

An API keys?

- Open, then API Keys.

- Enter some name to "New Key Name", can be ""

- Now check only "Info" in Permissions. This will allow our site to grab data about your balance and active orders.

INFO permission do not allow us to see your email or password or IP number or any other Profile information.

Returns information about the user’s current balance, API-key privileges, the number of open orders and Server Time. To use this method you need a privilege of the key info. Method getInfo

Do not check "Finance" as this permission will allow us to withdraw money from your account.


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